• Shopify, BigCommerce, Yahoo shopping layout customization
  • Magento theme customization
  • Install Boiler plate CSS framework to Magento

== Recent work ==

Lemington USA

Client: Lemington of America
Time: 12/2015 ~ 1/2016

* Installed Shopify shopping cart, set up everything

Yahoo shopping

Client: Blue Swallow
Time: 6/2014 ~ 8/2014
Layout with HTML/CSS. (Because external CSS were not allowed, styles were added directly to HTML)
*The site closed on 02/28/2017.

== Samples ==


Time: 5/2017~
* Magento theme from scratch
* Responsive


Responsive eCommerce sample
Aug. 2014
eCommerce: Tomatocart


Time: 9/2013 ~ 12/2013

A test eCommerce for SSX THE BAND

* Used a non-Wordpress theme and modified.
Plugin: “woocommerce”

Washi and beyond

Time: 05/2013

A test Magento site.